We are past, present and future. The history of our choices and guidelines, of solved problems and achieved goals. We are what we do and what we believe in, leaving our mark on every achieved step.
United as a team, together with everyone.


April 8th, 1980.

Imoplastic Beginning

Founded on April 8th. 1980, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Marinha Grande on July 1st, 1980, Imoplastic was formed by 9 partners.
The registered office was operating on rented facilities at Avenida 1º de Maio, Marinha Grande.
It focused on the manufacturing of moulds, dies and cutters. There was no direct exportation, the moulds were sold to Marinha Grande’s mould trading companies and the dies and cutters were sold to national companies.


May 1st, 1987.

Imoplastic headquarters change

The company built its own facilities on Estrada do Pero Neto, which were inaugurated on May 1st, 1987. The change of the registered office was completed on May 15th, 1987.


December 28th, 1995.

Company Purchase

On December 28th 1995, Imoplastic was purchased by “T3I-Soc. Gestora de Participações, Lda.”, a company owned by four individual partners with a vast experience on the mould industry: Abílio José das Serradas Luz, João Caetano Tavares, João Manuel Pires Correia Moita e Nelson Ribeiro Simões. The search for costumers from EU and non-EU markets leads finally to direct exportation.


March 16th, 1999.

Geocam Beginning

Founded on March 16th, 1999, by Imoplastic and five other individual partners, with headquarters at Estrada da Nazaré, nº 68 Calços, Martingança.
It was created to produce mould cavities, cores and mould structures, working almost exclusively for Imoplastic. Later on, it was decided that Geocam would also produce medium and large moulds.


Acquisition of the former facilities of Somoplaste

Imoplastic purchased the former facilities of Somoplaste, located at Avenida Nossa Senhora da Nazaré, Calços, Martingança, and moved the headquarters of Geocam to these facilities in 2009.


April 6th, 2009.

Geocam's capital increase

On April 6 th, 2009, Geocam's capital was increased to €150.000,00, with Imoplastic maintaining its 50% quota. Thus, all area of Geocam's current headquarters is owned by Imoplastic, as well as 50% of the corporate business.


September 26th, 2011.

Acquisition of the former facilities of Mouldexport / Molbase.

Imoplastic, Lda. purchases on September 26th, 2011, the former facilities of Mouldexport / Mouldbase-Moldes e Estruturas Limitada, located at Rua da Calçada, Guarda Nova, Marinha Grande where Imodrill would operate and later Imoinject.

December 22nd, 2011

Imodrill beginning

Imodrill was founded on December 22nd,2011 with its headquarters on Rua da Serração, Guarda Nova, Marinha Grande. – Imoplastic and its partners hold 100% of the quota and the facilities are owned by Imoplastic, Lda.
Besides providing machining and drilling services for Imoplastic, this company was created as a training centre for young workers for the group.


April 10th, 2013.

Imoinject beginning

Founded on April 10th, 2013, with its headquarters on Rua da Serração, Guarda Nova Marinha Grande – Imoplastic and its partners hold 100% of the quota and the facilities are owned by Imoplastic, Lda.
This company was created to do all the performance try-outs, alongside with a production segment. It currently has 6 injection machines from 80 up to 1000 tons, it fulfils every requirement and has every accessory needed for its proper functioning.


2016. Imoplastic. Change of quota division

In 2016, due to the merge between Imoplastic, Lda. and T3I-Serviços e Gestão, Lda., the share capital was divided by four individual and equal shares of 25%, belonging to Abílio José das Serradas Luz, João Caetano Tavares, João Manuel Pires Correia Moita and Nelson Ribeiro Simões.

January 20th, 2016

Imomex beginning

Created on January 20th, 2016, in Mexico. Imoplastic, Lda. holds 90% of the share quota and the remaining 10% belongs to another shareholder. The company was created with the purpose of being a commercial trade centre.


July 7th, 2018.

Inauguration of Imodrill’s facilities

In 2018 Imodrill built its own facilities on Pero Neto Road, Marinha Grande, inaugurated on July 7 th, 2018.
These new facilities gave Imodrill the capacity to produce complete moulds up to 16 tons.

December 31st, 2018

Capital increase

On December 31st, 2018, the share capital of all companies was changed to:
Imoplastic - € 430.000,00
Imodrill - € 300.000,00
Imoinject - € 250.000,00
Geocam - € 350.000,00
Imomex - € 4.700,00 / Mex$ 100.000,00

Imoplastic and its shareholders maintained the percentage of the shares held in each company, namely:
Imodrill - 100%
Imoinject - 100%
Geocam - 50%
Imomex - 90%


January 2020

Beginning of ImoInov

This company was created in January 2020, in which Imoplastic and its partners have a 100% stake. It was created aiming to provide a greater customer support, both in the pre-sale and after-sale of the mould. It works as a link between the client and the internal technical knowledge in the prevention, resolution and monitoring of the challenges encountered during the mould manufacturing, aiming at process innovation.

Imoplastic facilities improvement

Imoinject facilities improvement